The North Texas Region: What You Need To Know About Sherman, TX

Have you heard of the Silicon Prairie? Over the last few decades, part of North Texas has become home to a large concentration of technology companies. You know those graphing calculators you needed for algebra, geometry, or calculus? Chances are it was made by Texas Instruments, which opened a research and development facility in Dallas in the 1970s. Since then, business in Texas has been booming. Many tech companies—including industries such as software, telecommunications, and manufacturing—have chosen Texas as their business home base. The Silicon Prairie isn’t done developing; the Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has a growing population and a booming economy as well. Read on to learn about the North Texas Region and what you need to know about Sherman, Texas. 

Connected to cities: The principal cities of the Sherman-Denison MSA are—you guessed it—Sherman and Denison. Back in 1901, the first electric interurban railway in Texas, the Denison and Sherman Railway, was created. This set a precedent for the region’s connection to major metropolitan areas. This MSA is also part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Combined Statistical Area, also known as The Metroplex. It’s a major center for business, finance, transportation, and culture. Many Fortune 500 companies have set up shop in the region as well. Its proximity to this major Texas hub makes the Sherman-Denison MSA a great place to hang your hat. 

Nice neighbors: Not only is nearness to a big city a plus, there are lots of nice neighboring towns close to Sherman. One of these happens to be Fairview, Texas. Fairview and Sherman are about 40 miles apart, and they’re connected by State Highway 34, State Highway 75, and U.S. Highway 75. Fairview is a town with all the conveniences of a modern city as well as beautiful parks, walking trails, and homes. 

Historical town: Sherman has a rich history; it was captured by Confederate forces during the Civil War, and eventually was rebuilt in 1865. The city had a great period of growth and prosperity, and it was a major center for the cotton industry. It has weathered both economic decline and economic recovery, and its trajectory for growth today remains strong. 

Culture is quintessential: Sherman happens to have a vibrant arts and culture scene. Kidd-Key Park in Downtown hosts big, fabulous Summer Nights concerts. The city also hosts many other annual events such as the Sherman Arts Festival, Hispanic Heritage Festival, Earth Day Festival, and the Sherman Jazz Festival. 

Higher Education: Being near a number of educational institutions equates to being near many highly educated people. This is a plus for companies close to a booming town like Sherman. Austin College, Texas Wesleyan University, and Grayson College are all schools in the area. 

Parks and Rec: There is so much to do in Texas, and Sherman is no exception. The city has a number of walking trails, bike trails, and fishing spots. It is also home to Sherman City Park, the Sherman Golf Course, and the Sherman Sports Complex. Sherman’s Kidd-Key Park provides the best backdrop for outdoor events, with its gazebo stage. 

Retail Therapy: Sherman proves you don’t have to be a big city to have plenty of fun shopping options. Some include the Sherman Square Mall, the Sherman Town Center, and the Sherman Antique Mall. Many specialty shops and boutiques are around town too. 

More tech to come: In 2021, Texas Instruments made known its plans for a $30 billion semiconductor fabrication plant in Sherman. The plant is set to be the largest electronic production facility in Texas, and it’s expected to create thousands of jobs when it opens. 

Got chips? In 2022, GlobiTech, part of Global Wafers, announced plans to expand operations in Sherman by adding a new manufacturing facility. So much growth is great, but the United States production of semiconductors can help to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers. Job creation, more economic growth, and attracting other companies to the area are an added bonus. 

Great quality of life: The cost of living in Sherman is relatively low compared to other Texas cities, which really helps residents to enjoy a good work-life balance. Sherman’s motto—Classic town, broad horizon—points to the strong sense of community that is prevalent in Sherman. There is so much opportunity to enjoy small town life, but there is the ability to connect to big business and big city living as well. 
Are you looking to relocate to a great Texas town? The Fairview Economic Development Corporation (EDC) aims to develop and nurture a diverse and vibrant economy that is consistent with the values and goals of the community. Sherman is one of Fairview’s neighboring towns, and the opportunities for growth there are great. If you’re seeking a business location with a prime location, proximity to a talented workforce, excellent schools, and great amenities all within a friendly community, learn more by reaching out to the experts at Fairview EDC.