Lovejoy ISD

What Parents Who Relocate To Texas Should Know About Lovejoy ISD

When relocating to a new state, finding the perfect neighborhood for your family is a top priority. One of the things that can help make a neighborhood feel like home is finding schools that are a great fit for your family as well. Finding the right school district can be a huge undertaking. Assessing your family priorities and your children’s needs is essential. When looking at potential school districts in Texas, parents may want to consider checking out the data available on things like test scores, graduation rates, curriculum plans, college prep opportunities, school safety, diversity, class sizes, resources for special needs, parent involvement, and of course, location. The best school district for your family is one that meets all your specific needs and priorities. There is one great school district in particular to discover near the town of Fairview, Texas. Read on to learn more about what parents who relocate to Texas should know about Lovejoy ISD.

A bit about the Lovejoy Independent School District. Founded in 1917, Lovejoy ISD serves more than 4000 pre-K through 12th graders today. Located about 3 miles east of Allen and about 25 miles north of Dallas, this Collin County district has students that come from a surrounding area that covers about 17 square miles.

There are schools for all ages in Lovejoy ISD. 

  • Preschool and Pre-K: For the littlest kiddos who range in age from 18-months to 4 years-old, The Carrie L. Lovejoy Child Development Center in Allen offers both Early Learning and Pre-Kindergarten programs. 
  • Elementary: The two elementary schools in Lovejoy ISD include Hart Elementary in Lucas and Puster Elementary in the town of Fairview. 
  • Intermediate: Sloan Creek Intermediate School in Fairview serves approximately 700 students in 5th and 6th grades. 
  • Middle school: Willow Springs Middle School in Lucas serves 7th and 8th grade students.
  • High school: Lovejoy High School in Lucas is Lovejoy ISD’s top-rated public high school. 

The schools are highly rated. Lovejoy ISD has continued to rank highly in national and regional school rankings, which take into account factors like strong academic performance and overall school environment. Lovejoy ISD has ranked in the top 1% out of more than 1200 school districts in performance on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exams. The Texas Education Agency gave Lovejoy ISD an A grade for accountability in 2022. 

Graduates are great. As a parent, you want your student to be educated and ready to launch into the real world. The Lovejoy ISD graduate aims to be intellectually equipped, open to the challenges of learning, well-rounded, engaged in a healthy lifestyle, and fair and respectful. Overall, the whole district has a mission to propel every person to personal excellence. 

Lovejoy ISD offers options for after school care. When families need extended care for their students, after school care is available through Lovejoy ISD. It has the Extended Day Leopard Academy; this is an opportunity for students to participate in enrichment activities on school campus both before and after school. 

There’s a variety of extracurricular activities. It is so important for kids to get involved and discover their interests, and it’s great when there’s a built-in environment to do so. For Lovejoy ISD students in pre-K through 5th grade, there is an art and music program available. For students in older grades, Lovejoy offers award-winning fine arts programs in visual arts, band, color guard, orchestra, choir, theatre, and dance. For older students, there is also a variety of great programs in journalism, computer science, robotics, speech and debate, health occupations, and chess. There are also some great sports programs such as volleyball, swimming, cross country, track, wrestling, softball, powerlifting, basketball, tennis, baseball, football, soccer, golf, and more. 

For students with special needs, Lovejoy ISD has programs. Lovejoy ISD believes that children of all different abilities should have access to a great education. This school district offers services for students with different learning abilities. Parents are encouraged to be advocates for their children’s education. Lovejoy ISD includes 504 evaluations, different therapies, inclusion, technology, adherence to special education laws, and individualized education plans (IEPs). IEPs can be used for students who get services through the special education department. Eligible children with disabilities who are ages 3 through 21 are entitled to receive a free appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 

There’s solid college prep at Lovejoy ISD. Lovejoy students are well prepared for college. Lovejoy ISD has career and technical education programs, which are well aligned with state and national academic standards. These programs give students the chance to earn certifications. Students are also well prepared for higher education through things like rigorous academics and opportunities for AP courses. 

Parent involvement is key. Lovejoy ISD has plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved. There are various Parent Teacher Organizations in the district which include the Future Leopards Association, Hart Elementary PTO, Puster Elementary PTO, Sloan Creek PTO, Willow Springs PTO, Lovejoy High School PTSO, and the Lovejoy Council of PTO. 

Check out all that Lovejoy ISD has to offer. You can learn more about the mission of Lovejoy ISD online. And if you’re relocating to Texas, know that the Fairview Economic Development Corporation has a number of resources to help families who are developing their businesses, finding a place to live, looking for great schools, or settling into life in Texas. Learn more about living in Fairview here