Fairview Youth Theatre

What To Expect From Fairview Youth Theatre in 2024

Today’s world is full of so much technology. So many kids have phones, tablets, and screens that are almost always accessible to them. But one timeless thing that can add interpersonal interaction, imagination, and creativity to kids’ lives is live theater. Theater introduces kids to new characters and stories, emotions and connections that can be empowering and exciting. There are plenty of benefits to theater too, such as improved communication skills, stronger social and emotional development, better confidence, and amazing entertainment. Fortunately for families living near Fairview, Fairview Youth Theatre is located right in Fairview Town Center. This theater company offers a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about the arts and to develop valuable life-long skills. This organization offers and array of productions, classes, and camps for local kids. Read on to learn more about what to expect from Fairview Youth Theatre in 2024. 

Learn to be a star on the stage. Fairview Youth Theatre is part of North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA), and this organization offers free 2-hour workshops that are designed for new theater students. UpSTARt Workshops are fast-paced, high-energy, and fun-filled workshop opportunities that can help young actors to build their confidence onstage. These workshops are for actors from ages 5 to 18, and they offer a fun introduction to theater. These workshops are taught by a professional director with a degree in the performing arts. Each workshop is made up of 2 sessions, including a student session and a parent briefing. They help kids to learn tips and techniques for auditions and tools for acting. Check out the NTPA site for information on workshop dates in 2024

Catch a show!

See the King: All Shook Up. Inspired by the songs of Elvis Presley, this musical features some rockin’ hits. This show, put on by the Starcatchers troupe, runs March 8th through March 10th

Sunrise, sunset: Fiddler on the Roof. NTPA’s Community Theatre troupe is putting on a fabulous performance about family, love, tradition, culture, and change. The show runs on Fairview Youth Theatre’s Main Stage with dates from March 22nd through March 30th

Be a star!

A super show for grades 3 through 9: James and the Giant Peach Directed by Zayde Vetter, Roald Dahl’s classic book comes to life on the Fairview Youth Theatre stage when James grows a huge peach and embarks on a wild journey. This show is for audiences of all ages, and performances will take place at Fairview Youth Theatre’s Main Stage from April 19 to April 27. 

A fun performance for students from grades 6 through 12: Anne of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery’s enduring classic about the spirited Anne Shirley hits the stage at Fairview Youth Theatre. This play follows the main character and her friends from adolescence to young adulthood. Performances will take place from May 2nd through the 5th at Fairview Youth Theatre’s Main Stage. 

A show for all ages from 3rd through 12th grades: The Wizard of Oz Follow the yellow brick road to the Fairview Youth Theatre Main Stage. This production, based on L. Frank Baum’s beloved tale, features the iconic musical score and plenty of magic. Director Samantha Reser leads this show. Wizard of Oz performances are set to go up at the Fairview Youth Theatre Main Stage from May 10th through 18th this year. Whether you opt to be an audience member or an actor, there are so many ways to support the arts and get involved with shows at North Texas Performing Arts this year. Fairview Youth Theatre is conveniently located in Fairview Town Center; come by! If you’re planning to catch a show, tickets are available online.