9 FAQs About Fairview Youth Theatre

Theatre is good for communities for so many reasons. It can bring people from all different backgrounds together, creating a sense of community through performance. Community theater can enrich the culture of a town by giving its citizens the chance to see plays and musicals. Shows have the power to educate the public about important issues, promoting civic engagement in the community. Plays also have the ability to make audiences connect through laughter, tears, relationships or just pure entertainment. When kids get involved with theater, it can be a chance to make new friends, learn new things, and express themselves creatively through collaboration and communication—fantastic skills to develop. 

Fairview, Texas is home to the renowned Fairview Youth Theatre (FYT), which opened in its current facility in 2017. As a part of North Texas Performing Arts, Fairview Youth Theatre provide opportunities for kids of all ages to participate in performing arts. Read on to learn 9 FAQs (and answers) about Fairview Youth Theatre. 

  1. What kinds of shows does Fairview Youth Theatre produce? Over the years, FYT has produced hundreds of shows, including musicals, dramas, comedies, and variety shows. Some of the Summer 2023 shows include The Play that Goes Wrong, Mary Poppins, and Into the Woods. There are also great options for kids to get involved in summer camps, different classes, and private lessons. 
  1. Where are the Fairview Youth Theatre facilities located? North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) has a few different locations in cities like Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Southlake, and Fairview. NTPA also features the Starcatchers, a therapeutic arts troupes for individuals with disabilities. Fairview is home to the Fairview Youth Theatre program. The facility is on Town Place, centrally located in the Fairview Town Center. It features more than 10,000 square feet of space that houses the 180-seat mainstage theatre, the Cornerstone Blackbox Theatre, the Lewis Reception Center, four rehearsal studios, a set-build shop, a costume shop, as well as offices. FYT has easy accessibility from the many communities surrounding Fairview such as McKinney, Allen, Lucas, Parker, and more. 
  1. What is the mission of Fairview Youth Theatre? The program has an educational philosophy that is based on a model called the Ten Characters. The theatre promotes life skills including teamwork, leadership, responsibility, respect, self-confidence, integrity, discipline, gratitude, positive attitude, and loving one another. The aim is to guide all the kids involved in theatre to become better citizens in their communities. They get the tools to do this through literature, music, dance, and drama, and they carry life lessons with them into the real world. NTPA is a nonprofit that is dedicated to developing the character of young people through quality performing arts education and family entertainment. 
  1. What are the ages of kids in the FYT program? Young people from ages 5 to 18 (or, in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade) are able to participate in the Fairview Youth Theatre program. Other NTPA programs are open to different age groups; the Academy is for ages 11 to 18 and the Repertory is for adults 18 and up. 
  1.  Are there any discounts available for theatre students? North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) is offering 50% off of tuition for classes, camps, and productions for every new student from age 5 to age 18. Each student can only get one 50% discount for one production, class, or camp. It’s only available for a student’s first production, class, or camp, and it can’t be applied retroactively. This discount can’t be combined with any other promotion, nor can it be used on Conservatory classes. 
  1. Are there scholarships available? There are scholarship funds available to help students with things like tuition, transportation, and costume costs. These scholarships are considered on a rolling basis when there is funding available. Students can submit one scholarship application per quarter in the NTPA system. All applications for scholarships should be completed online. You can reach out to scholarships@ntpa.org for scholarship questions. 
  1. What kind of summer camp options are available? Theatre camps can be the perfect way for kids to explore the arts. Student from 5 to 18 are able to sign up for different summer spots. Professional directors, actors, and singers lead these summer camps. There are week-long and two-week camps with half-day and full-day options. Each week of camp has a different theme, and there are options for all ages.  
  1. Are the Fairview Youth Theatre facilities available for events? Yes! Theatre birthday parties can be held at all 4 NTPA locations, including Fairview. Party groups will get a professional director to lead them through theatre exercises, activities, and games in one of the creative spaces. 
  1. Can anyone get tickets to a Fairview Youth Theatre production? Yes! Theatre is such a treasure for a community. Buy tickets online for any summer shows, and even purchase a gift certificate as a gift for the theatre lovers (or young kids) in your life. 

Learn more about Fairview Youth Theatre, and get involved in the arts in the town of Fairview. Have your kids audition, attend a camp, or see a show at the theatre in Fairview Town Center.