2023 WE Inspire TX Women Entrepreneurs’ Summit – MEET THE SPEAKERS! Power Panel Moderator Lorie Vincent

“Butterflies are like women: We may look pretty and delicate, but baby, we can fly through a hurricane.” – Actress and Comedienne Betty White

Embodying resilience, determination, fabulous color, and grace to bringing joie de vivre to anyone watching your flight … Butterflies inspire a lovely standard for women entrepreneurs, don’t they?

You’ll find this kind of inspiration and more at the WE Inspire TX Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Summit set for Nov. 15, 2023, in Fairview, Texas.

You don’t want to miss joining a supportive community of other like-minded women entrepreneurs, including our incredible lineup of speakers. Our Power Panel will be especially interactive, featuring four outstanding businesswomen who’ll be sharing their experiences, insights, and inspiration. And yes, they’ll be taking questions!

We’re continuing our speaker spotlight series over the next several weeks, so you can get to know more about them before the event. Today, we’re featuring our Power Panel moderator.

Introducing … Power Panel Moderator Lorie Vincent, CEcD

Lorie is an entrepreneurial superstar who shares her light so others can leverage it to find their own success. That’s what has made her an economic development trailblazer for over 30 years, doing high-level economic development strategy and planning with developers and communities throughout Texas and far beyond.

In addition to her economic development work, she’s become a nationally sought-after speaker on other topics as well, including entrepreneurship, team building, women’s issues, encouragement, and what she calls “real-life escapades.” No matter the theme, she always brings insights full of humor and wit to inspire people to think big and achieve next-level dreams.

She has motivated more than 500 audiences of all sizes. She’s a big strategic thinker, a strong advocate for rural America, a true believer in regionalism, a cheerleader for existing business appreciation, a kick-butt party planner, a professional rule-breaker, and a chaos coordinator.

While we certainly don’t expect to need chaos coordination for our Power Panel, Lorie is the perfect moderator with a superpower for moving things along quickly, intentionally, and impactfully, while always keeping it fun. That’s what she does every day as founder of the boutique economic development firm, Acceleration by Design. Lorie’s ACCELERATION™ programs focus on keynotes, facilitation, comprehensive training, and dynamic workshops — a diverse menu of services so communities can customize fresh solutions to suit their unique needs. She certainly knows how critical it can be to find the right mix for each community, having worked with hundreds of them.

Prior to founding her company in 2018, Lorie served over three years as the executive director for Team Texas, a marketing partnership of economic development professionals from across the state focused on connecting businesses to the many opportunities within its top-ranked business climate. Over the almost 16 years before, she served in a similar capacity as executive director for The High Ground of Texas, a regional economic development coalition representing the northern 69 counties in Texas. Prior to that experience, she served as executive director for the Sherman County, Texas Development Committee. She is a graduate of West Texas A&M University.