Best Places to Live For Families

7 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Places to Live For Families

What do California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts have in common? Each of these states has seen many residents relocate to the great state of Texas over the last few years. It’s not surprising that so many people are seeking to make a change. According to Forbes, the Texas economy is the second biggest in the United States (behind California). Low taxes and a lower cost of living help to make Texas a popular destination for people choosing a new home state. While it’s clear that Texas is great for businesses and a booming economy, what about families who are looking to relocate to Texas? As it turns out, Texas is a great place for families. Read on to learn more about 7 factors to consider when choosing the best places to live for families. 

  1. Cost of living: It’s important to note that because Texas is such a large state, there’s quite a wide range when it comes to cost of living. Some rural areas have a much lower cost than urban areas. Suburban areas in Texas are quite affordable. Families need affordability; in Texas, housing prices rank lower compared to other states. Another cost of living bonus in the Lone Star state is not having an income tax. 
  1. Good schools: Moving to a quality school district is usually a top priority for families with school-aged children. Families can examine a school’s ratings, test scores, and extracurricular activity offerings when seeking the right school district for them. In Texas, the school districts that serve the town of Fairview include the McKinney ISD and Lovejoy ISD. Both districts have excelled as examples of exemplary education. The schools in McKinney boast SAT scores more than 100 points higher than the national average. Lovejoy ISD is ranked 2 out of 1217 on state exams in Texas. There are also 30 colleges and universities within a 60-mile radius of Fairview. It’s interesting to note: cities with good school districts also often have lower crime rates, higher property values, and a better quality of life for residents.
  1. Safety: Crime rates are a factor to consider for families moving to a new place. It is so important for families to feel safe in their community. In addition, businesses are more likely to invest in cities where employees will feel safe going to work. Checking out a city’s crime rate can be informative for families choosing a new hometown. According to, Fairview, Texas is safer than 78% of other United States neighborhoods. 
  1. Good for business: Families will want to make sure that they can enjoy a good work-life balance. Moving to Texas cities with strong business infrastructure can mean having better access to resources and more opportunity for expansion. Cities that are attracting new businesses often can offer incentives that help businesses to grow and succeed. A good business climate can inspire a great quality of life for locals. 
  1. Amenities: Amenities aren’t just for hotels. Families ought to consider the activities available in the area for their children (and parents too). Other amenities to seek out in a new hometown might include parks, playgrounds, libraries, restaurants, and shops. Look for things like museums, theaters, parks, and sports opportunities in your prospective new hometown. Fairview is a place that enjoys all the conveniences of a modern city with many of the perks of small town life. It’s home to beautiful community parks, trails, and even a championship golf course. It’s an ideal place for families looking for fun and community connection. 
  1. Good weather: A mild climate is a boon to busy family life. Kids are often in sports, and families are often seeking ways to get out and get together in nice weather. Texas boasts a warm, mild climate. Average temperatures range from the mid-60s in the winter to the mid-90s in the summer. Seeking somewhere with plenty of options for outdoor fun? There’s lots of sunshine in Texas, too, making it a fine place for families to settle. 
  1. Getting around: It’s a good idea for families who are relocating to consider the transportation options in the area. Texas happens to be a driving state, and in the town of Fairview, the entire North Texas region is easily accessible. There are 4 airports within 35 miles of the town, including DFW International and Love Field. 

There are so many big cities and small towns to choose from in Texas. The Town of Fairview was once a sleepier town, but in recent years, it has seen tremendous growth. It’s a unique spot in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

Are you looking to choose a new place to live with your family? Reach out to the Fairview Economic Corporation to learn more about the lifestyle and business opportunities in one of the great towns in the great state of Texas.