2023 WE Inspire TX Women Entrepreneurs’ Summit – MEET THE SPEAKERS! Bonus Track Speaker Andrea Patrick

“LIVE your value, LOVE yourself enough to be yourself, and LEAD with intention and purpose.” – Marketing & Personal Branding Expert Andrea Patrick

Well, that sounds simple enough, right? There’s so much to unpack in those three words — live, love, and lead — and you’re going to have plenty of inspiration on all during the WE Inspire TX Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Summit on Nov. 15, 2023, in Fairview, Texas.

Not only that, but we’ll also have as a speaker the woman who made this powerful statement.

We’ve been introducing each of our fantastic speakers and panelists leading up to the summit. If you’ve missed any of the highlights, catch up here. And have you signed up yet? If not, register today!

And now without further delay:

Introducing … Bonus Track Speaker Andrea Patrick

Andrea has over 25 years of experience creating marketing strategies that get results. Her sweet spot? Working with women entrepreneurs to transform their service-based businesses into thriving, ultra-attractive brands.

What’s the recipe? Identifying and connecting with the right customers, right where they are. Engaging and converting them with clear information about the solutions they seek. Delivering on promises to build trust, loyalty, reputation, and retention.

The special ingredient: Authenticity.

It’s special because authenticity goes far beyond what a lot of marketing does. Finding the right words and images to convey a message is one thing. It’s quite another to exude confidence about who you are, which is a powerful non-verbal to prospective clients. A polished first impression is critical, and yet it is so easy for entrepreneurs to be so focused on the doing that it may not seem like a top priority. Andrea will teach you just how important it is and bring actionable advice for connecting to your inner influencer to make the impression you want.

I believe we have to first connect with ourselves if we want to connect with others,” Andrea says. “Leadership requires the ability to influence, and that ability requires self-knowledge and confidence. The answer to many of life’s challenges lies in the personal journey one must take to discover their truth.  Furthermore, it’s clear to me that our passion takes a journey toward its purpose.”

It may go without saying that Andrea keeps this principle at the core of her own business, Andrea Patrick Consulting, through which she empowers others with coaching and courses on personal branding, digital marketing management, and more. She establishes trust through confident thought leadership and by nurturing authentic relationships while teaching clients how to do the same.

A big objective in Andrea’s work is helping entrepreneurs take back control of their time and budget, eliminate overwhelm, and provide an even better customer experience as a result. She’s passionate about that because she’s “head-over-heels-in-love” with her family, too! She maintains her own work-life balance, so she has plenty of time for her husband, Joseph, and daughters Jordan, Jessica, and Hannah.

Andrea earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and founded her consultancy in 2012.