Outdoor Playgrounds in North Texas

Fun Things To Do At The Outdoor Playgrounds in North Texas

The stars at night / are big and bright / deep in the heart of Texas, as the song goes. And in the North of Texas, the parks and playgrounds are free and fun. As far as recreation goes, there is so much to do in North Texas. No matter what your preferred style of play is—adventuring, pretending, exploring—there are plenty of outdoor playground options to get outside and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun.  Read on to learn about some fun things to do at the outdoor playgrounds in North Texas.

Run. Walk. Play. The town of Fairview’s second-oldest park is Beaver Run—a park with so much for the whole family to do. There’s a playground area, a basketball court, a picnic pavilion, pits for games of horse shoe, a paved trail, and even a nature trail. The nature trail connects to the Parkside Trail Head, which is a hiker’s dream! Head down the path, and enjoy the view on the deck overlooking the Beaver Pond. 

Bring ALL of your friends. The Dream Playground in Fort Worth is a very special place. Located in Trinity Park, this play area has been designed for children of all abilities. There are rubber surfaces that are wheelchair friendly, adaptive swings, a steel roller slide, and more. This is a place meant for sharing adventures. Kids can play music, climb, and hide out in one of the cute playhouses at this park. Fun fact: Dallas-born professional golfer Jordan Spieth and his family foundation have generously contributed to the design and creation of some all-inclusive playgrounds in Texas, including this one and the one at Flag Pole Hill. 

Get that community feeling on the Village Green. The Village Trail makes its way, winding around Fairview Town Center, apartments, shops, a hotel, and Watertower Way. You can cruise around and say hi to neighbors, stop for some refreshments, and get your steps in all in the charming town of Fairview. If you have kiddos, be sure to bring them to the Village Green Park, which features 8 acres of open space, a watershed area, a playground, a gazebo, benches, picnic tables, and basketball and sport courts. 

Have a picnic. Established in 1914, Reverchon Park offers some great options for fun right in the heart of Dallas. Friends can play baseball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. There are also grills, picnic tables, and a pavilion—making it the perfect place to have a family picnic. The park also has plenty of shade and a playground for kids. Need to stretch your legs and get some more exercise? There is also a rec center and many walking trails around Reverchon Park.  

Adventure time. Take time to play at Mary Heads Carter Park in Carrollton. There is ample space for kids of all ages to find some fun on the playground. Climb the 3-story tower, slide down the slides, scale the rocks, swing away, find your balance, or play a round of hide-and-go-seek in the playgrounds cave structures. 

Bring your best friend. Dig it Dog Park in Fairview is attached to the community’s 55+ apartment community. Though the park is privately owned, it’s open and available for use by Fairview residents. Get in some games of fetch, and meet some more 4-legged locals at this pet-friendly place. 

Play pretend. What little kids don’t love a fun game of “restaurant”? At Hope Park playground in Frisco, the structures are little local famous places that include Double Dip Frozen Custard and Babe’s Chicken. This park is designed to be all-accessible and has plenty of places for parents to sit and kick back while the kids play away. 

Peace, honor, gratitude. Veterans Park in the town of Fairview is a different sort of outdoor space—one that features a small area that honors the men and women who have served the United States in the military. Check out the 6 different monuments—each dedicated to one of the military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines. Pay your respects to those who have served at this special spot that is right next to Fairview Town Hall. 

Are you and your family ready to make the move and have some fun in North Texas? Fairview has some of the greatest open spaces with opportunities for lots of outdoor fun. There are plenty of places to work, play, and live too.