2023 WE Inspire TX Women Entrepreneurs’ Summit – MEET THE SPEAKERS! Power Panelist Erin Gregor

Poet and activist Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

What first impression do you make with your business and personal brand? For your business to truly soar, you must tell your story the right way and reach the right people.

You’ll gain actionable insights on how to do it at the WE Inspire TX Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Summit set for Nov. 15, 2023, in Fairview, Texas.

Get ready for a tool bag of takeaways from our incredible lineup of speakers, including our interactive Power Panel featuring four outstanding women entrepreneurs.

We’re continuing our speaker spotlight series over the next several weeks, so you can learn more about them before the event. Today, we’re featuring one of our four Power Panelists who will share her expertise in igniting explosive business growth through highly targeted, impactful storytelling and content marketing.

Introducing … Power Panelist Erin Gregor

Content expert Erin (Smith) Gregor is the founder of PodGrowth, a podcast production and growth company that shows businesses how to use podcasting to connect with customers, generate leads, and grow their companies. If you think podcasting isn’t your thing, Erin’s story will change your mind.

A versatile and driven entrepreneur, she has founded five businesses, leveraged content marketing to grow and sell a couple of them, and keeps reinvesting in her purpose-driven goals.

Do we have your attention? Keep reading.

Shortly after earning her degree in management information systems from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Erin began investing in real estate across the country in 2001 while working in product design and usability for large tech companies. Four years later, she founded another side hustle, a pet-sitting business. In 2010, she sold that company after growing it to a dozen employees and purchasing two competitors. It was then she founded her second company, a premier mobile spray tanning business. Within nine months, she grew that company to employ seven people across five locations before selling it in 2014.

Erin then concentrated her focus on her content marketing consultancy, sharing with other small businesses how to leverage the magic of digital marketing as she had with her businesses. She also wrote a best-selling book, “Master the Start.” In 2015, she founded a large event in the DFW area, Entrepreneur Summit, that hosted guests such as Which Wich’s Jeff Sinelli and Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavecy. That experience led her to launch a successful podcast in 2018, “Innovation Calling,” which connected creators with tech companies.

That brings us full circle to her company, PodGrowth, which she founded in late 2018. Erin hosts a supporting podcast, “Branded Podcast Secrets,” as well as another, “First to Arrive Last to Leave,” which shares the stories of small business owners who have graduated from Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses Program, from which she graduated in 2022.

Erin is a wife to her husband, J.J., and mom to two kids, who are 9 and 10. As an active volunteer in the dog rescue world, she’s also the savior of many pups. You may not be surprised to learn that the family has five themselves, along with a cat … and turtle. We are only guessing that the turtle perfectly balances the fast pace in the Gregor home!