What Every High School Senior Should Know About Universities in Dallas/North Texas

High school seniors have to manage a lot. Not only are they finishing out their high school career with course loads full of AP and Honors classes and extracurricular activities, they are starting to consider what lies ahead for their future. For high school seniors interested in applying to college, it’s important to know that the universities in Dallas and North Texas are worth considering.

A place to Land: Seniors need to think more than just 4 years ahead into their future. What happens after college? One of the great things about universities in the Dallas area is, well, Dallas. This city is booming and growing, with many major companies hiring considerable numbers of workers in the city. Network and make connections in your Texas school, and settle into a great career in Dallas after graduation.

Diversity rules:  In recent years, the state of Texas has seen many citizens relocate from out-of-state and internationally. Dallas is a diverse city with a considerable international population.

Fun city: When you’re not studying or going to class, Dallas promises to be a town full of entertainment. Dallas is known for its many attractions and opportunities for activity. There are many museums, beautiful botanical gardens, indoor water parks, as well as a worthwhile restaurant and night life scene.  

Lots of options: Whether you’re seeking to attend one of the nation’s largest universities or you’d be content on a little campus, the schools in the Dallas area represent a range of size and rigor. Depending on your major and your preferences, chances are you’ll succeed at finding a right fit college in this region

Have faith (or not): For some students, a faith foundation in their educational institution is a priority. Some religions represented by Dallas area schools include Methodist and Catholic. There are plenty of non-denominational public schools as well. Whether public or private, Christian or non-religious, many of these Texas schools offer powerful academic programs.

Doctor, doctor: If your sights are set on medical school in the future, keep your eye on UT Southwestern, which is one of the best academic medical centers in the nation. This school integrates innovative biomedical research with exceptional education and care.

Take a closer look: Learning a bit more about some of the schools in the Dallas area can help prospective students get a better idea of what they’re looking for (or not looking for) when it comes to North Texas schools.

University of North Texas System: This large university offers 112 bachelors, 94 masters, and 38 doctoral degree programs. UNT has the advantages of both a metropolitan area and a small college town. Its mission is to prepare students for challenges they’ll meet in our ever-changing world.

UT Dallas: This top-value public university has more than 31,000 students in more than 7 schools. This university offers more than 140 graduate and undergraduate programs. Its focus is on providing Texas and the nation with innovative education and research.

University of Dallas: If you want the city of Dallas to be part of your campus, know that the University of Dallas has its own stop on the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). Located in Irving, it’s just 15 minutes from downtown. UD has consistently ranked as one of the top 15 Catholic colleges in the nation. It has great campus facilities and a beautiful church on campus.

Southern Methodist University: Better known as SMU. This nationally ranked private university is near the heart of Dallas. It is a renowned center for global research and teaching. With about 12,000 students, SMU has small classes with high quality education. The university’s connection to Dallas offers students unparalleled learning, research, social, and career opportunities. Though it has Methodist in the name, the school is non-sectarian, and it is committed to academic freedom and open inquiry.

Texas Wesleyan Fort Worth: This intentionally small campus has a rich Texas history. Texas Wesleyan proudly abides by a tradition of “Smaller. Smarter.” With a strong Methodist heritage, the school focuses on learning through the lens of a world community. The small community approach on campus allow students to have tailored educational experiences.

One of the best ways to explore your options for universities in Dallas and north Texas is to take a walk on the actual campuses. Learn the city and the school’s surrounding areas. Plan for the future, and make a plan for after college when you land a job and settle in the great state of Texas.