Everything You Need To Know About The Fairview Youth Theatre in North Texas

The arts matter. There are so many benefits to live theatre—for both the audience and the performers. Theatre has been a part of humans’ lives throughout history. A recent study that is noted in Psychology Today discusses how live theatre can increase empathy, affect political attitudes, and build a sense of community. In the town of Fairview, Texas, the North Texas Performing Arts program is doing youth theatre right. Read on to learn more about Fairview Youth Theatre in North Texas:

NTPA is prolific: North Texas Performing Arts happens to be the largest youth-dedicated theatre troupe in the United States. Each year, NTPA works with more than 11,000 theatre kids in 180 major productions and in more than 1000 performances across more than one dozen stages throughout North Texas.

What is Fairview Youth Theatre? Fairview Youth Theatre was founded in 2016. It is one part of the large North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) family of theatres. This youth theatre company provides a series of educational-based theatre classes, camps, and productions for students from ages 3 to 18 (grades K through 12). Its space houses the 180-seat theatre, the Cornerstone Blackbox Theatre, a reception center, 4 rehearsal studios, a set-build shop, a costume shop, and offices.

Local theatre, big audience: NPTA-Fairview is located in Fairview Town Center and is home to the Fairview Youth Theatre program. It is easily accessible for many surrounding communities such as McKinney, Allen, Lucas, Parker, and more. 

Teaching the Whole Person: One aim of NTPA is to teach lifelong skills in addition to theatre skills like acting, singing, and dancing. NTPA wants its students to be better members of society. There are 10 tenets the company wants to teach its students, including: teamwork, leadership, responsibility, respect, self-confidence, integrity, discipline, gratitude, positive attitude, and love for one another.

Private class options: There is the NTPA-Academy, which offers group classes and private lessons for students ages 5 to 18. An experienced team of instructors includes directors, actors, teaching artists, and choreographers leads students through many different theatre skill sets.

Special Programs: NTPA-Fairview knows that the arts are for everyone. This core value is evident in the programs they offer. Starcatchers is a part of NTPA that offers theatre opportunities for adults and children with special needs. Classes and camps with Starcatchers are a great way for kids and adults with cognitive disabilities to get involved with theatre. These programs tend to focus specifically on one individual topic or skill at a time. Starcatchers have worked on many aspects of theatre from set and prop class to adaptive dance. Another great opportunity at NPTA is Deaf Theatre, which gives deaf students a chance to take the stage, learn theatre skills, and join a great community of performing arts fans.

A Variety of Troupes: While one youth theatre program resides in Fairview, NTPA includes a network of more troupes in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, and Southlake. NTPA Repertory Theatre is the adult company, and each troupe has its own facilities and board of directors. Conservatory serves actors from 6th to 12th grades, and Collegiate Pursuits is offered for students in 10th through 12th grades who are preparing to enter a college theatre program.

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The NTPA encourages patrons, performers, and all of its community to stand against racism, to stand with artists, educators, students, and families of color. NTPA aims to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in all of its programs.

Generosity makes the world go ‘round: NTPA is a non-profit, and theatre programs like this depend greatly on the generosity of volunteers, sponsors, and community members. The theatre also gives back in many ways. NTPA awards full-ride scholarships to theatre students who may be less-privileged. The company also provides complimentary tickets to charities, teacher groups, and some schools. NTPA offers free programming at local community centers, and it participates in more than 20 local events throughout the year, promoting the creative arts.

From Shrek to Pinkalicious, from Elf Jr. to Annie, from Freaky Friday to Bye Bye Birdie, and from Aladdin to Peter Pan, the productions of North Texas Performing Arts Youth Theatre have the ability to bring magic, life lessons, and art to students and audiences alike. To learn more about all the offerings at NTPA, visit the NTPA website, or call 972-422-2575.