How To Know If Lovejoy ISD In North Texas Is Right For Your Family

When it comes to choosing the right education path for children, parents often have a set of core values they consider in their decision-making process. Admirably, the Lovejoy Independent School District in North Texas operates by its own set of impressive, foundational core values that appeal to families, communities, and students. The district’s 3 main core beliefs include: 1.) One heart, one Lovejoy, 2.) Best Today, Better Tomorrow, and 3.) Kids come first. Currently, Lovejoy ISD is home to more than 4000 students from Pre-K through 12th grade. Read on to learn more about how to know if Lovejoy ISD in North Texas is right for your family.

Mission focused: In addition to having a solid set of core beliefs, the district also has a mission that holds a lot of promise: “To propel every person to personal excellence.” This kind of perspective that focuses on students as individuals with their own sets of talents, strengths, and goals makes for a successful, diverse learning community.

Top Ranked: Lovejoy ISD continues to excel as an example of exemplary education. It has been ranked 2nd out of 1217 districts on STAAR exams. The district also boasts a 99.6% graduation rate, and more than 97% of graduates attend college after graduation. Performance-wise, Lovejoy is one of the very best school districts in the state of Texas. The top performances even extend beyond academics as well. Lovejoy High School has recently won championship titles in basketball and tennis, among other sports.

True sense of community: Lovejoy ISD focuses on being a community of inclusion and respect for all community members. Founded in 1917, this school district has seen much growth since then. The community values its rich traditions, while also embracing its growth and development.

Serving students of all ages: Lovejoy is home to 3 elementary schools that serve students from kindergarten to 4th grade. For preschoolers, Puster Elementary is the home of the Pre-K program for the district. Sloan Creek Intermediate School is for grades 5 and 6, and Willow Springs is for 7th and 8th graders. Lovejoy High School, the district’s one, stellar secondary school serves grades 9 through 12. 

Educating everyone: All kinds of learners are welcome in Lovejoy ISD. Special education services offered through Lovejoy ISD are individualized and based on the needs and eligibility of each student. This includes direct instruction in inclusive classrooms or in special education settings. Therapeutic support and related services are available as well.

Land of (educational) opportunity: Lovejoy ISD provides music, art, STEM, and physical education for its students. Fine arts become an integral part of the middle school years, as courses include general music, band, choir, orchestra, or visual art. Once in high school, students can be a part of many award-winning academic, athletic, and fine arts programs. Some of the high school course offerings include Project Lead the Way courses as well as classes in engineering, robotics, and computer science. Some Pre-AP courses are offered for middle schoolers, and approximately 30 AP courses are available at Lovejoy High School.

Exceptional pathways: Gifted and talented enrichment programs (GATE) are available to qualified students. These courses emphasize depth and complexity, project-based learning, and offer opportunities to make local and global connections. GATE students demonstrate abilities in original and creative thinking, exceptionally high achievement, and self-directed learning. These students often pursue an area of interest or passion through independent studies and the Texas Performance Standards Project.

Clear communicators: The leadership of Lovejoy ISD is committed to sharing information directly, honestly, and with positive intent. From sharing happenings in Leopard Life Community news to personally connecting with teachers and staff, the lines for communication are always open.

Art Appreciation: This school district offers a full range of courses in both performing and visual arts. These courses provide enriching opportunities for all ages of students. Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts programs are all competitive. At the high school level, courses include band, color guard, cheer, choir, dance, AP Music Theory, orchestra, theatre, ceramics, drawing, mixed media, painting, sculpture, AP Art History, AP Studio Art, and 3D. Middle and intermediate offerings include: band, cheer, choir, color guard, dance orchestra, theatre, and visual arts.

Future focused: Lovejoy ISD is continually learning and growing. In keeping with their core value of prioritizing kids, educators and staff seek to understand and invest in each child, preparing them for a future of their choosing.

Whether your students are just starting their elementary days or are headed to high school, Lovejoy ISD in North Texas has a community of schools that feel like home. Moving to a nearby town like Fairview is ideal for families who want to select outstanding schools for their children. Learn more about living in Fairview or about Lovejoy ISD.