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How To Find The Best School District in Texas For Your Family

Many families make big moves during the summer. In the last few years, there has been a lot of movement and migration in the United States. Notably, since 2020, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has seen one of the highest population growths in the country. In fact, some projections note that by the next decade, North Texas is set to overtake the Chicago area to become the third most populous metropolitan area in the country. With all of this growth and movement, it is important to keep focus on the important things in life, like education. Moving a family means you have so many things to consider: a new job, a new home, and for families—new school districts too. Are you making a move to the great state of Texas with school-aged children? Read on for some tips to help you find the best school district in Texas for your family:

Do your homework. The Internet is an amazing thing. From anywhere in the world, you can look up the school district rankings in the state of Texas. These rankings will help you to get an idea of how different districts compare to one another. Texas Schools has a website that provides letter grades for schools in any zip code in Texas. The Texas Education Agency gives information on schools via school report cards that offer a broad view of campus performance including schools’ individual characteristics as well as academic performance data.

Consider your priorities. What does your family need in a school district? Families with children who have special needs may want to seek out a school district in Texas that has specialized programs or reputable student support services. If strong athletics are a must have for your student-athletes, it’s a good idea to check the schools’ offerings and teams in your particular sports. For students seeking theater opportunities or other specific extracurriculars, it is wise to check out the schools’ websites for different offerings. And of course, if academics are the focus of your family, checking the rankings will help factor into your final school district decision.

Get social. Following school districts’ social media accounts provides a unique glimpse into the culture of certain schools. For some Texas districts, checking out the Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok accounts can give families a sense of the community, culture, and activities that exist within the district. This avenue of social media might even be a way to connect with other families in the district to network and ask them questions about their experiences.

Check it out. It’s possible to schedule on-campus visits to the schools you’re considering. This can help families to get a sense of campus life, the teachers and staff, as well as the overall school environment. Some schools even allow visitors to observe in the classroom to get an idea of academics and student-teacher interactions.

Ask around. Reach out to families in the district to seek their opinions. Ask about experiences and pros and cons at different schools. Simple conversations can help parents to get an idea of what to expect if you choose to move into that school district.

Spotlight on 2 school districts. Fairview, Texas is served by two independent school districts: McKinney ISD and Lovejoy ISD. They both continue to excel as examples of exemplary education in the region.

Lovejoy ISD: This district is generally considered to be one of the best school districts in the area. Lovejoy is highly rated for its academic programs, extracurricular activities, and dedicated teachers. There is a desirable student-teacher ratio and a strong emphasis on individualized attention to each student. Lovejoy ISD includes Lovejoy High School, Willow Springs Middle School, Lovejoy Elementary, and Puster Elementary.

McKinney ISD: This is another highly regarded school district within Fairview. Its strong focus on academic excellence is notable. McKinney High School’s grade of A on its report card represents the high quality that is valued throughout the district, which is comprised of several schools.

Finding the best school district for your family depends on so many factors such as academic needs, learning styles, and preferences for extracurricular activities. It’s always wise to research district curriculum, programs, facilities, and campuses to get a good understanding of what is offered. The schools serving Fairview are known for connecting with their local communities. High test scores and high graduation rates show a bit of the picture of success that McKinney and Lovejoy ISDs have both achieved.

The city of Fairview is committed to excellence in education, business, entertainment, and family living. There is so much opportunity in this region of Texas from business to education to entertainment and family life. The excellent school districts are certainly a bonus. Learn more about living in Fairview, or reach out to the Fairview Economic Development Corporation to discover more.