Map of DFW region with star where Fairview Texas is located

How To Determine If The North Texas Region is Right For You

Texas is such a big state that, for reference, it has been divided up into distinct regions that include The Panhandle, The Gulf Coast, The South, The High Plains, and North Texas. Each region of Texas has something unique to offer that sets it apart, and North Texas is no different. The region of North Texas is a desirable area of the Lone Star state that has seen great growth—both in population and economy—in recent years. Read on to determine if the North Texas region is right for you. 

A place to call home: Long ago, the land around North Texas consisted of farms full of pioneers, cowboys, and cattle. There are still some longhorns left in North Texas, but this fast-growing region has developed into a land of sprawling suburbs and robust urban areas. North Texas offers a variety of suitable housing options for families of all sizes and citizens of all ages. From rolling estates to renovated 1920s bungalows to oil-era mansions, there are all kinds of homes throughout North Texas. For the city set, there are large downtown high rises within walking distance of local restaurants and businesses. For those looking for the best Texas has to offer, the suburban community of Fairview is home to large houses on large lots, many open spaces, horse farms, beautiful creeks, and a nearby village with shopping and entertainment. 

The importance of education: School districts can often play a big role in a decision to relocate. In North Texas, local school districts stand out. McKinney ISD and Lovejoy ISD rank among the top schools in the state; Lovejoy students have been ranked #2 out of 1217 districts, and McKinney boasts a highly successful graduation rate. Not only are the local K through 12 schools top notch, the North Texas region is also home to more than 30 institutions of higher education, including schools like Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Dallas as well as a number of community colleges. 

Get around: Whether you are commuting, visiting other Texas towns, or traveling for work, The North Texas region has great ease of access to local, national, and international destinations. Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth are easily accessible, and other big Texan cities like Houston, Austin, and Oklahoma City are just a few hours away. There are major airports in the area including DFW International, Love Field, Addison, and McKinney National. The Dallas area also has a convenient regional rail system: the DART.

Strong economy, strong workforce: The cities and towns in North Texas are accommodating for businesses, business owners, and their families. Local organizations like the Fairview Economic Development Corporation are equipped to help Texas businesses to launch, grow, and flourish. The North Texas region has one of the largest, most educated, and most diversified workforces in the country, making it a great place to live, work, or start a business. 

Arts and culture abound: The arts breathe life into cities and towns. North Texas is fortunate to be home to a lively and creative arts community which includes plenty of theatre, music, opera, dance, art, museums, and more. The North Texas Performing Arts organization (NTPA), based in Fairview, works with young people to help them develop character through a high quality performing arts education. Some of NTPA’s major productions feature famous Broadway musicals and plays. The Dallas Arts District is home to Dallas Black Dance Theatre, great dining options, as well as fabulous exhibits, performances, museums and tours. 

Natural Beauty: Forget what you’ve been told—Texas isn’t flat. Hills are all around North Texas. Texas is full of surprises when it comes to natural beauty. The city of Dallas boasts one of the biggest urban lakes just 5 miles northeast of downtown: White Rock Lake. The nearby Dallas Trail Plan has 153 miles of hiking and biking trails. Wander around natural wonders at the Dallas Arboretum and botanical gardens, a gorgeous spot that hosts themed festivals and fun throughout the year. 

If you’re considering a relocation to North Texas, know that a prime location, outstanding schools, great amenities, and a friendly community are all found in Fairview, Texas. Get in touch with the Fairview Economic Development Corporation to learn more.