Episode 9: Bill Baxter

Bill Baxter is a master at finding smart, efficient and economical solutions for businesses — including his own. When Bill was ready to leave the corporate world back in 2001 to put his technology expertise to work for clients of his own, he found Fairview, Texas to be a fitting location for his small business, Baxter I.T. His thriving company’s clientele spans the DFW region and includes both businesses and local government entities, including the Town of Fairview. A resident of Fairview since 2005, Bill is an active member of the community, leading both the Friends of Fairview Firefighters Association and the Fairview Technology Committee.
The thing I’m most impressed with is the smart decisions the city government has made over the last 20 years to get Fairview positioned to where it is today. Every decision they’ve made along the way has been great for the town and I’m as thrilled as ever to live here.”

Podcast Episode 9 – Bill Baxter