What You Should Know If You Are Thinking About E-Commerce Relocation in North Dallas

The city of Dallas has some notable roots in retail and business. In 1907, the original Neiman Marcus opened at the corner of Elm and Murphy. Its 1914 flagship building operates on Main Street in Dallas today. However, the world has changed the way it does business since the early 1900s. Brick and mortar storefronts have given way to digital and electronic methods for sales and distribution. Today, E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, especially in the Dallas area. With so much growth, here are some things to know if you’re thinking about relocation of an e-commerce business to North Dallas:

Industrial Real Estate:  Dallas is a high performing market for industrial real estate. In DFW and throughout the country, the rapid rise of e-commerce has become a driving force for industrial construction. Newly constructed industrial space has added warehouse and distribution centers which are perfect for new and newly relocated e-commerce businesses.   

Maintained Momentum in the Market: Texas is a top exporter with the 9th largest economy in the world. In recent years, the internet inspired the gradual movement away from traditional retail businesses. The emergence of e-commerce means more shopping is being done from phones and laptops, and in a post-pandemic world, it seems that e-commerce growth will remain steady.

Great hometown options: Whether businesses are driven by a bottom line or a lifestyle change, the Dallas area has become a desirable place for relocation. Just north of Dallas, the town of Fairview has grown into a bustling, progressive community in which to live and work. It’s a unique place to settle in the DFW area, as it combines small town living and the amenities of a big city.    

Business incentives are plenty:  The State of Texas offers incentive programs for companies who are creating jobs and driving innovation in Texas. There are benefits to e-commerce business relocation in North Dallas at both the state and local level. In Texas, there is no corporate income tax. The town of Fairview provides local incentives that vary by project and are based upon capital investment, as well as jobs and sales tax generated.

Assistance is available: Organizations like the Fairview Economic Development Corporation are ready to help business owners who are considering a relocation to North Dallas. They offer services for site selection (including tours of sites and facilities), research and data, development, and connectivity. As your company develops, the Fairview EDC can assist with planning, zoning, permits, and licensing. Most importantly, these services can help you network and connect with the right people for your business.

E-commerce will continue to expand. Many qualities that have made North Texas a business magnet for businesses will support the continued development of e-commerce. Learn more about business resources for your future venture in North Dallas.