The 9 Best Things About Living In The DFW Metroplex

The Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex, known as DFW, is one of the more bustling parts of the United States. With a population of nearly eight million people, DFW has laid claim to being one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country. It ranks at the top of places for corporate relocation as well, making small business relocation to the Dallas Metroplex ideal.

Both Dallas and Fort Worth have been part of the national consciousness for decades now. Everything from collegiate sports to the oil and gas industry has made a home or been connected to DFW in one way or another. DFW has done a tremendous job trying to be more than just a part of the Lone Star State. They’ve taken to heart their place as an international destination, embarking on major projects to attract more visitors for either tourism or relocation.

Residents, both established and new to the area, are part of an enviable area in which to live, work, and play. With so much to offer, it’s a little difficult to think of EVERYTHING that’s great about DFW. So, here are nine reasons living in the DFW Metroplex rocks:

  1. Lively Arts Scene — Few metropolitan areas are as revered for their arts scene as DFW. Not only do cities big and small have internationally renowned museums and exhibits, but there is also a major appreciation for music, dance, and stage performance.
  • Sports — Sure, it’s possible to create a list of all of the professional athletes that hail from DFW. And sure, it’s possible to list the major sports teams that call DFW home. Heck, you could even talk about the national athletic powerhouses in high school sports that are DFW based. But at the end of the day, there are only two words you need to know — Dallas Cowboys.
  • Housing — The housing market in DFW, whether as a renter or buyer, can be a bit tricky. However, the number of housing options has increased. So, for as tough as it can be to find housing, it just means that people are excited to be in DFW.
  • History — DFW is all about paying homage to its rural roots while keeping an eye on the future. Much of the area is still connected to the cowboy era of yesteryear all while still aligning with the modernity needed to stay relevant in the 21st century.
  • Shopping — There is way more than just trinkets with the state’s outline/flag on it like you’d find in a souvenir shop. Dallas-Fort Worth is home to some of the WORLD’S most revered and popular retailers. Everything from world-renowned luxury brands to your average “big box” stores can be found here. Even more importantly, DFW is home to some of the best small businesses you can find anywhere.
  • Diversity — Recent research has shown that the area ranks in the Top 5 for most diverse cities in the U.S. This includes high scores in religious, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity,
  • Foodies Unite — You CANNOT be in DFW and not be awed by the dizzying amount of food options available. With the amount of diversity DFW boasts, there comes cuisines from all over the globe. DFW is often seen as a hidden gem on the world foodie scene, but that is slowly changing as more people become aware of all that’s on offer in the area.
  • Recreation — To say that there is a lot to do in DFW for the whole family would be the understatement of the millennium.
  • The suburbs — Perhaps the biggest reason DFW has attracted so many folks is the growing impact of the surrounding suburbs. Smaller cities and towns have become bigger and brighter stars on the DFW landscape, meaning that you don’t have to go into Dallas or Fort Worth to find five-star entertainment, dining, or recreation. In other words, you can be DFW adjacent and still have a blast.

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