Looking for an oasis amidst the metroplex concrete jungle? Meet Fairview

Bracketed by the major cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, the Texas Metroplex has a (mostly) deserved reputation as a concrete jungle. Once you live here, however, you’ll discover that there are pockets of small-town charm and open space that provide the ideal environment for families. Here are 13 things those looking for an oasis amidst the metroplex concrete jungle should know about Fairview.

  1. It’s still a small town: Even though it’s close to the Metroplex, Fairview’s population is just over 10,000, providing the small-town charm that so many families are looking for.
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth are just a short drive away: The town of Fairview’s small-town charms are balanced by easy access to the many amenities of the big city. Major league sporting events, world-class cultural offerings and a diverse dining destination are just a short drive away.
  3. Housing is available: Homes in Fairview are diverse, with a range of lot sizes and square footage available. Homes retain their value with an average price of $429,000.
  4. It’s growing: Collin County, where Fairview is located, has experienced the highest growth rate of any county in the United States. By 2050, the county’s population is estimated to be 2.4 million.
  5. You can get there from here: Fairview is just a short drive from DFW International, making business and leisure travel from the town easy and convenient.
  6. There’s space for business: Office and industrial space is available for businesses looking to relocate. Click here for more information.
  7. Average incomes are high: Fairview families boast an average income of about $137,000 a year, more than twice the average income for Texas families.
  8. Green space is important: The town of Fairview is dedicated to open space, with several parks and trails available for residents to enjoy with their families and four-legged friends. The town also boasts a golf course and a soccer center, providing a wealth of recreational opportunities.
  9. It’s well-educated: More than 70 percent of the adult residents in Fairview have at least a bachelor’s degree. That compares to just over 50 percent of the residents of Collin County.
  10. And there are many educational opportunities: Fairview’s public schools are excellent and there are 30 colleges and universities within a 60-mile radius.
  11. It also offers an oasis from high property taxes: Fairview features one of the lowest property tax rates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  12. The business environment is welcoming: In addition to low ad valorem tax rates, Fairview boasts Texas’s lack of corporate and personal income tax. The state is also a right to work state.
  13. Business owners will find an eager workforce: Within a 30-minute drive there are approximately 1.5 million workers, providing a highly diversified applicant pool ready to fill a variety of positions.  

Have you decided that Fairview should be your oasis amidst the metroplex concrete jungle? Click here to schedule an appointment with the Fairview, Texas Economic Development Corporation.