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How To Find The Perfect University in North Texas

Every year when students head back to school in August and September, there also is a population of college-bound scholars that are looking for and applying to the best places to get a higher education. Texas is a great place to get a college education. In addition to having many large research universities, the Lone Star State boasts plenty of midsize schools, small liberal arts colleges, and some top choices for private schools. Many Texas schools offer students academic excellence, plentiful opportunities, and a vibrant culture to experience during their college years. The North Texas region in particular is home to an impressive collection of institutions of higher education. Read on to learn more about how to find the perfect university in North Texas. 

Check out the range of academic options. While North Texas has an array of colleges that cater to a wide variety of academic interests, you will want to determine which program or major you’ll focus on. From public to private to community colleges, it is key to choose a school that has programs for your academic interest. One North Texas option is Southern Methodist University. Located in the city of Dallas, it offers a dynamic campus life with a wide selection of majors. SMU has 7 degree-granting schools including Cox School of Business, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, Meadows School of the Arts, Lyle School of Engineering, Dedman School of Law, Perkins School of Theology, and Simmons School of Education and Development. For those seeking post-graduate degrees, consider SMU’s Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. 

Explore tuition costs. While a college education in Texas might be more affordable than in many other states, it is wise to research exact costs and affordability for schools that you’re interested in. Often, expenses outside of education—like daily living expenses—are something that college students must consider when choosing a university. Some college areas in North Texas offer an affordable cost of living when it comes to accommodations, food, and transportation. 

Ensure student support services are sufficient. From health services to academic resources, it is important to explore what options you have when it comes to getting the support that you need on campus. The University of Dallas has a Student Health Clinic as well as the UD Counseling Center. The University of Texas at Arlington has tutors for every discipline, advisers to help with registration for classes, and many other free academic support services, including an office for students with disabilities. 

Find the right fit. Sometimes, you just get a feeling. When you walk onto a campus, tour the classes and buildings, and talk to students and professors—you get a feel for the way of life at a school. This isn’t something that can be achieved by just searching online. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of universities in North Texas, make a plan to visit at least 3 of them and tour the local areas so that you can see what daily life is like on campus. 

Love where you’re living. North Texas is home to the growing, desirable Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Texas Christian University is in Fort Worth, the 12th largest city in the United States, and it’s known for its culture, fun, and livability. There are also plenty of options for arts and culture, outdoor recreation, and a fun sports scene in North Texas. 

Community is key. Texas is well known for having friendly, warm, and welcoming communities. When you are choosing a college, you are also choosing the town that the college is in. College towns in North Texas can help to make students feel at home. Be sure to visit the surrounding areas so that you can ensure you’re choosing a university in a place that will feel like a good hometown for 4 years. 

Seek out that entrepreneurial spirit. Are you a student who is focused on innovation and success? When it comes to college campuses and communities, many in the North Texas region are focused on business development and networking. There are so many opportunities to find resources, mentorship, and other ways to pursue a successful career—both during and after college.

Consider the job market. One great thing about going to a university in North Texas is the proximity to a thriving, dynamic job market. Whether you’re aiming to work in engineering, tech, business, or healthcare, there are many major industries that are booming in the Lone Star State, which makes for great opportunities to connect for internships and jobs. 

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