Best Places To Live For Families

How To Decide On The Best Places To Live For Families

Consider the vast land mass that is the United States, and think about the way native people and early settlers moved across the terrain. The U.S. has had a series of great migrations take place; The Dust Bowl Migration during the Great Depression was one such movement. Hundreds of thousands of Americans from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas made the hard journey to California. Now, it seems, circumstances have influenced migration in a different direction, and moving families—though still a big undertaking—is decidedly easier today. Many moves are taking Americans to Texas. In 2023, families are seeking out better opportunities in new places. Whether your family is moving for work or educational opportunities, for a new home and neighborhood, or for an overall improved quality of life, it is important to consider a lot of factors before choosing your new hometown. Read on to learn more about how to decide on the best places to live for families. 

Get to work. One of the major reasons for relocation is often work-related. Whether you are moving a business out of state, being transferred, or finding a new job in a new place, for stability’s sake, it’s wise to make the move to a location that boasts a hearty job market. 

Affordability. Looking at the cost of living when you’re deciding on the best place for your family to live is essential. Checking things like housing prices, taxes, food, and transportation costs can help you to figure out which new hometown might make the most sense financially. The cost of living can be directly related to your quality of life as a family, and it can impact the local economy as well. Find someplace that works with your family’s budget and financial goals. 

Education. For families with school-aged children, moving to an area with reputable school districts is a top priority. Something as simple as being close to good schools can change families’ lives for the better. In addition to K-12 education, proximity to institutions of higher education is also a great thing to look for when deciding on a new place to live. A vibrant educational setting is a boon to any community. 

Activities and amenities. Moving for personal enrichment is a great reason to relocate. When you’re deciding on the best place to live for your family, look into the culture, arts, sports, activities, entertainment, and amenities that your potential new community has to offer. 

Health and wellness. For families, accessibility to good doctors and hospitals is key. Opportunities for wellness—like great outdoor and recreational spaces—are great for families too. Choosing a community that has conveniently located healthcare facilities is a plus. Living in a safe community with access to outdoor spaces can help inspire healthy families as well. 

Location, location. Whether your family wants to travel for fun and family visits or you need to travel for work trips, being close to airports, highways, and other modes of transportation is key. 

Quality of life. When work, finances, education, wellness, location and lifestyle all are a good fit for your family, your quality of life can’t help but be great. 

Look no further: Fairview is a town in Texas that has it all for families. 

  • The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex is home to a bustling economy; it has had notable growth and development. Within the DFW metropolitan area is the town of Fairview, Texas—a place that is accessible to one of the largest and most educated workforces in the United States. 
  • For the last 23 years, Collin County has experienced the highest sustained growth of any county in the country. Fairview is a land of growth and opportunity that also happens to have affordable housing options, Texas taxes, and an affordable cost-of-living. 
  • The school districts in Fairview excel as examples of great education. Fairview’s schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities, rigorous classes, as well as high graduation and college attendance rates. There are also 30 colleges and universities within a 60-mile radius of Fairview, and the town’s population is highly educated too. 
  • Fairview offers some great dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The Fairview Town Center is truly a community hub of activity and business. From Fairview, you have access to the DFW Metroplex and its variety of cultural attractions, museums, and venues. 
  • Less than 2 miles from the town of Fairview are 2 of the largest healthcare systems in North Texas: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Allen and Medical City in Mckinney. 
  • Fairview also has 6 community parks with playgrounds, walking trails, and picnic pavilions. 
  • The ease of access to the entire North Texas region is a fantastic thing about Fairview. The Tollway offers a direct route to DFW International Airport. Downtown Dallas is just 35 minutes away, and other cities like Houston, Austin, and Oklahoma City are just a few hours away by car. The DART regional rail system has an access point just 10 minutes from Fairview too.

The town of Fairview has a prime location, access to a great workforce, super schools, fantastic amenities, and a family friendly community. Want to learn more about life in Fairview? Reach out to the Fairview Economic Development Corporation to learn more.