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7 FAQs About E-commerce Relocation in North Dallas

So many industries are burgeoning and booming in Dallas. From tech and energy to banking and medical, North Dallas has become a hotspot for relocation and expansion for many businesses. Even though e-commerce is largely internet based, e-commerce companies often require physical space for retail, warehouse, shipping, equipment, or other office needs. Read on for 7 FAQs about e-commerce relocation in Dallas:

  1. How can I find the best site for our e-commerce business?  E-commerce has helped support the growth of industrial construction all over Texas, and especially in Dallas. There’s help for e-commerce companies to find the best sites: The Fairview Texas Economic Development Connection can provide information for all available properties in Fairview. Through the Fairview EDC, you can even plan ahead and arrange site and facility tours.
  2. What kind of incentives are offered for e-commerce businesses? In Texas, there are many programs available to companies like e-commerce businesses. If your company is relocating and bringing jobs to Texas, know that there are beneficial incentives to help establish your business. There is no state income tax in Texas, which is one major benefit. On a local level, the town of Fairview offers incentives on a project-by-project basis. These incentives are linked to the amount of capital investment, jobs created, and sales tax generated by a business.
  3. How can I get connected in the e-commerce business community? Texas is a welcoming place, and there are local organizations that encourage and support businesses throughout the relocation process. One of these organizations is the Fairview Economic Development Corporation. Experts there are able to help business owners network by connecting with contacts needed for your e-commerce business. The Fairview EDC can help with contacting utility providers or Texas state and local regulatory staff. They’re also knowledgeable about local job training programs.
  4. What is the e-commerce climate like in Dallas? In October of 2022, Dallas hosted an e-commerce summit, a gathering of local e-commerce experts that included retailers, brands, merchants, and e-commerce solutions providers. This is indicative of the thriving business market in Dallas as well as the concentration of a large tech talent pool in the area. North Dallas is an ideal place to set your business up for success.              
  5. If my e-commerce business is relocating, what are good areas to move with my family? Many businesses and families have been making the move to Texas in recent years. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has plenty of desirable suburbs and developments that are conveniently located.  The town of Fairview is located north of Dallas. It is a growing, thriving community that has just the right mix of big city life and small town charm.
  6. What are some strategic advantages of relocating to North Dallas? This area of Texas, with its major transportation hubs, has an ideal location in that it makes travel throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area (and nationally and internationally) easy. The incentive plans available in Texas and locally are another great benefit for an e-commerce business. North Dallas is notable for its well-educated, talented, and diverse workforce as well.
  7. How do I get started with my e-commerce relocation to Dallas? The Fairview Economic Development Corporation can help you get started. Its mission is to develop and sustain a strong economy. As Economic Development Director Dave Quinn notes, “Fairview is all about quality over quantity.” Reach out to Fairview EDC by phone at 972-886-4222.

E-commerce will continue to expand. Many qualities that have made North Texas a business magnet for business will support the continued development of e-commerce. Learn more about business resources for your future venture in North Dallas.