Episode 5: John Adler

Episode 5 of “Getting Neighborly” features Fairview, Texas resident John Adler, co-founder and CEO of Call Control, a crowd-sourced solution that blocks millions of robocalls and scams worldwide, allowing consumers to personalize the calls they receive. John’s extensive information technology experience has ranged from multinational companies to startups. Not long after moving with his family to Fairview in 2001, John founded a technology committee to help bring better communications services, rates and choices to the community. He also served on the Fairview Town Council from 2014-18.

“Fairview is a quilt, in a lot of ways. Some folks like to have a lot of uniformity, but I view it as choice … What makes the town special is that you can really make a difference; you can reach out and connect with people.”

Podcast Episode 5 – John Adler