11 Things You’ll Find At Fairview Town Center In North Texas

In the Internet age, when everything is accessible at the click of a button, it’s nice to know there are still gathering places for people to connect. The Fairview Town Center is one of those places; it has shops, restaurants, office space, and entertainment too. The town of Fairview has all the conveniences of modern cities. It’s also home to beautiful community parks and plenty of opportunities for recreation. Fairview has curated a great collection of businesses in its town center. Read on to learn about 11 things you’ll find at Fairview Town Center in North Texas: 

  1. Lots of spots for lunch and dinner dates: From Caribbean flavors at Café Gecko to places for pizza, pasta, and salads, there are many choices for food at the Fairview Town Center. For diners who love Cajun flavors, Mr. Po’Boys features meals with fried shrimp, blackened fish, and jerk chicken. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine cooks up delicious Latin flavors like tamales, ceviche, guacamole, and some of the best sopa de pollo in the Lone Star State. 
  1. Treats and snacks: If you’re not in the market for a big meal, Fairview Town Center has some fun spots to meet for a cup of coffee or another treat.  Cream & Sugar makes clever coffee concoctions like The Otter, a vanilla, honey, and cinnamon latte or the Dark Lavender, a lavender-mocha latte. One of the newest sweet shoppes on the scene is Swig, the home of the dirty soda. Try the Texas Tab, a combo of Dr. Pepper, vanilla, and coconut cream. 
  1. Healthy choices: There are plenty of places to get fit around Fairview Town Center. Work out at 24 Hour Fitness, get in a good strength session at F45, or hop on a bike for a class at Cycle Bar. Fitness is a way of life in Fairview. After exercising, fuel up at Whole Foods, a grocery store that offers some of the finest natural and organic products.
  1. Ye olde department stores (and more): Strolling the many different departments of big, classic stores like Dillards, JC Penney, and Macy’s can make for a fun day of shopping. Fairview Town Center also has some modern favorites like Old Navy and Buckle. Options for shopping are endless in Fairview. 
  1. Self-care solutions: A day of shopping, dining, and entertainment can really take it out of you. Refresh and recharge at one of the many places for self-care in Fairview Town Center. Relax at Fairview Nails and Spa, get your hair done by a stylist at a local salon.  Get makeup, lashes, or other beauty goods at Amazing Lash, Sephora, or Hello Gorgeous. Guys don’t have to miss out on all these treatments; they can get a shave and a haircut at the Grooming Store
  1. The Arts: Walking around Fairview Town Center, you might catch a choir, band, dance group, or theater troupe performance at the park. The center is also home to Fairview Youth Theater, a company that offers an array of productions, classes, and camps for young thespians. There’s also I Pic Theatres, a movie and restaurant establishment with luxurious amenities.
  1. Fun for kids: Some of the most fun little kids in Fairview have is splashing around the town center’s fountain. Located near the park, the fountain offers optimal splashing and water play for busy kids and toddlers. There’s also Cheeky Monkeys, a play place for a day of activity or kids’ birthday celebrations. 
  1. Health professionals: Fortunately, you don’t have to go far in Fairview to check everything off your to-do list. Whether you need a checkup for your eyes, teeth, or skin, offices are open at the town center to meet your needs. From dental to eye care to dermatology, many medical professionals are at Fairview Town Center. The convenience of having local doctors near so many other amenities can’t be beat. 
  1. Helping hands: Having Elliot’s Hardware and the Container Store in the Fairview Town Center helps to get homes in order. From plumbing and electrical to home and garden, Elliot’s is a full-service hardware store. All the containers and contraptions from the Container Store will ensure your place is organized too. 
  1. A place to stay: For friends and family who need a nearby place to stay, there are two convenient options at the Fairview Town Center. The center has both a Home 2 Suites by Hilton and a Residence Inn by Marriott. Both of these properties offer sweet suite set ups for staying in Fairview; they’re both walking distance to shops, restaurants, and entertainment too. 
  1. The room where it happens: The town of Fairview’s administrative staff works at Fairview Town Hall, located in the town center. Fairview dedicates itself to servings its citizens and its business needs, and its town council consists of a mayor and six council members. Town meetings—open to the public—are held monthly. 

If you’re looking for a town center that offers a great location and fantastic amenities in a friendly community, Fairview is the perfect place. Learn more about life in Fairview and all the good things that come with it.