Map of US grayed out with a green Texas and a white dot near Dallas, TX where Fairview Texas is located.

Where to Find Access To A Diverse Workforce in North Texas

The word diversity is an important one. For business owners, the term diversity has different meanings. A diverse workforce is one that can bring a variety of perspectives, ideas, and experiences that can help your business thrive in many ways. 

A diverse workforce includes a diverse set of skills which can include a range of technical, soft, and domain-specific skills. Technical skills are specific to a particular job or industry such as coding, design, engineering, or project management. Soft skills—such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, and adaptability—can be applied to many different industries. Domain-specific skills are connected to a particular industry such as the specific skills needed for healthcare. 

There are so many other skills that are essential to a diverse workforce. Leadership is necessary for managing teams, strategizing, and decision-making. Cultural competency is key as well; understanding and interacting well with people from different cultures and backgrounds includes having respect for diversity. Sales and marketing skills are also important for retail and sales businesses. When a workforce is composed of people with different backgrounds and experiences, it is more likely to produce innovative, creative, and successful results. This can help businesses stay competitive and grow. 

One of the greatest resources in Texas is its people. North Texas is home to a wide range of industries as well as a diverse and talented workforce. Read on to learn more about finding access to a diverse workforce in North Texas. 

Higher education: North Texas is a place with a robust pipeline of talent. There are several universities in the area that offer top-tier programs in many different fields of study. Community colleges and technical schools often offer programs with specific skills training. In North Texas, the proximity to many potential hires is great for local businesses in many different sectors. 

The technology world: The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is well known for its prominence in tech. Companies like AT&T, Texas Instruments, and Dell Technologies have a huge presence in North Texas. There are thousands of tech companies in the state of Texas, and hundreds of thousands of workers in the field. This equates to invaluable experience of so many workers in the region.

Startups and small businesses: The DFW area has become a hub for entrepreneurship and startups. Candidates with a range of skills such as software development, marketing, sales, and technical skills often join startups in the area. This part of the workforce often is flexible and passionate when it comes to their work. 

Aerospace and defense: The aerospace industry in North Texas has been thriving for years. Its workforce is large and diverse—full of engineers, scientists, technicians, and many other kinds of skilled workers. More than 200,000 people work in this multi-billion dollar industry throughout the state, with most jobs in the DFW area. 

Finance: Major banks and many financial institutions make up the finance sector of North Texas. Investment firms, accounting firms, insurance companies, and financial technology are also growing rapidly. This industry has such a dynamic and diverse workforce and strong networking opportunities. 

Manufacturing: The manufacturing workforce has changed a lot in recent years, requiring a more skilled and specialized workforce. From aerospace to electronics, workers are gaining super specific skills needed for high tech manufacturing jobs. There is also traditional manufacturing in North Texas including industries such as food processing and textiles. 

Healthcare: There are so many top notch hospitals, medical centers, and research institutions in North Texas. There are more than just physicians in this field. Lab techs, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, and many other jobs require a variety of skills. 

Retail, dining, and entertainment: Retail employment is a major part of the overall workforce in the US. At the Fairview Town Center, there are plenty of retail and food service jobs. There are also management, maintenance, and other business positions throughout the center. While much of the traditional retail business has changed and moved to e-commerce, there is nothing like the brick-and-mortar experience. 

Overall, the region of North Texas has a rich and diverse talent pool with a great range of skills and expertise throughout many different industries. The highly skilled, diverse talent continues to meet the needs of Texas businesses, driving more growth and success in North Texas. 

Experience some of the great businesses in North Texas for yourself. Learn more about life in Fairview, and reach out to the Fairview Economic Development Corporation in North Texas.