relocate for recreation

How To Find The Best Places To Relocate To For Recreation

Every time a television is turned on, there is at least one story about the number of populations shifting from one location to another. People are moving from city to city and state to state in nearly unprecedented ways. Why? Data collected over the last few years has shown that while traditional reasons for relocation are still at play, (e.g., job transfers, changes in relationship status, caring for a loved one), there has been one new big reason mentioned many times over — recreation.

For years, the public has been inundated with messages about finding a balance between working hard and playing hard. The problem is that the latter has all but disappeared. Jobs have taken on added importance, leading to 50-80 hour work weeks in some cases. When you work that much, it’s hard to get out and play.

The last three years, however, have brought about a new realization of what’s important in people’s lives – and it’s not always work. People want to go outside and enjoy walking, biking, and fishing more. As such, recreation has become a primary driving force for people looking to live somewhere that affords them these opportunities.

One question, though — how does one use recreation to make a life decision this big?

In many respects, it starts with knowing the kind of recreational activities that one wants to enjoy since it makes it easier to narrow down choices. Other questions worth thinking about include:

Access To The Outdoors — If a city has limited access to the outdoors and green spaces in general, does it make sense as a place to relocate for recreation?

How Does ‘Outside’ Feel — Is there such a thing as too hot, too cold, or too rainy when it comes to your general threshold for fun?

Available Housing — Fun aside, can you find a place to live? Housing markets all over the country are crazy, with access to homes or renting tougher than it’s been in decades.

Walkability — Is it easy to navigate a prospective city on foot or do you always have to get behind the wheel of a car? Is public transportation a better option?

Finally, it’s worth thinking about the overall cost of living that goes with a prospective town. Even if they’ve got all the recreation you can shake a stick at, will you have the job security and finances to keep you fed and have a roof over your head? Turns out, moving for recreation tends to be bigger than just going where the fun is. However, those that have taken the time to do the research are very happy — plus, they are outside getting their fun on!

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